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Whereabouts of gun, student still unknown, as Sparta schools resume

Drew Kelly



Activities at Sparta High School will resume Tuesday night, and school will go on tomorrow, according to a statement from the district.

Monday afternoon, high school administrators received information that a missing handgun was possibly in the possession of a student.

They canceled after school activities Monday and school Tuesday for safety reasons.

The whereabouts of the student remain unknown, but police say there is no direct threat to school safety to the district.

There is still no additional information about the missing handgun — who owns it or where it was being kept.

An increased police presence will be seen in and around the district throughout Wednesday.

The district says the decisions were made in an abundance of caution for the safety of staff and students.

It comes as a 17-year-old student at Waukesha South High brought a handgun to school and was shot by police Monday, and a 16-year-old Oshkosh West student was shot by a school resource officer after the boy stabbed him in his office.