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State appeals court upholds weapon search against Monroe County man

Brad Williams



A Wisconsin appeals court rules that police in Tomah did have “reasonable suspicion” to search a Warrens man’s car for weapons. 

Michael Kingsley was turned down for an appeal of his conviction for possessing marijuana and bail jumping during a 2015 traffic stop in Tomah. 

Kingsley says the arresting officer did not have a good reason for doing a weapon search. 

But the appeals judges argued that Kingsley has been active in an anti-government group, and officers reportedly volunteer to assist whenever Kingsley is stopped by police, because of concerns about officer safety. 

Kingsley reached a plea agreement in the Tomah case last year.

A different court case, in which Kingsley said Monroe County jail officers used excessive force on him, went all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court.