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Just ten counties will decide next election? Good thing La Crosse isn’t one of them




We saw how close the contest was in the last presidential election. It came down to just 77,000 votes in three Midwestern battleground states. Are we in for a repeat performance in 2020? At least one political publication suggests that not only will the 2020 presidential contest be close, it will come down to just 10 counties across the entire country that will determine the outcome. They stretch from Maine to Arizona, and one of them is in Wisconsin. The Hill predicts Wisconsin’s Sauk County will be one of the 10 counties to determine the election results. Perhaps fitting that the home of the Ringling Brothers circus will determine our next President. Sauk County has predicted the winner of Wisconsin in 9 of the last 10 presidential contests. Donald Trump was the first Republican to carry the county in 28 years, and won by just 109 votes. So apparently Hillary should have visited the Dells in 2016 instead of trying to pour a beer in La Crosse. Another county tabbed to determine whether the outcome is red or blue is Minnesota’s Washington County along the Wisconsin border. If its true that these 10 counties will determine the next President, this could be good news. Maybe the candidates and all their campaign ads should focus all their attention there and leave all the other voters out of it. Apparently the rest of us have already made up our minds.

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