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A budget everyone can like




Perhaps it is not likely to foster a new spirit of cooperation between democrats and republicans. But members of both parties should be happy with the new budget for the state of Wisconsin. The process began when Governor Tony Evers released his proposed budget to the Republican controlled legislature. The Republican-controlled legislature gutted much of Evers’ proposals before returning the document to him for his signature. Evers had the ability to veto the entire budget, which would have required the process to start over. Instead, wisely, Evers used his veto pen, one of the most powerful in the nation, judiciously, issuing only 78 partial vetoes. He restored some funding for public education, and eliminated a plan to allow Tesla to sell cars directly to consumers, an idea favored by Republicans. But he also left intact the legislature-approved middle-class tax cut. And Evers calls for legalizing medicinal marijuana was scrapped from the budget and will be considered separately. In the end, members of both parties got some of what they wanted. Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald even called Evers use of vetoes “minimal.” So it seems a democrat governor can work with a republican legislature, and work together to address the needs of the state. It’s a good start, and perhaps even a blueprint for future deliberations.

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