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Lawmakers wisely vote to end tax breaks for Wisconsin companies which move out of state




Our politicians rarely agree on much. Republicans and Democrats have their own agendas, their own world-view, their own vision of what is best for their voters. But sometimes the stars align, and both Republicans and Democrats can actually work together to get something done. Such is the case in Wisconsin, where Governor Tony Evers has now signed a bill into law that earned support from both the Republican-controlled legislature and their democratic counterparts. The new law ends tax breaks for Wisconsin companies which move jobs out of state. That’s right, until now, Wisconsin companies could actually get a break on their taxes even if they move jobs to a different state. It is not clear how such a rule was ever adopted in the first place, but it is good to see that lawmakers from both parties have worked to end the practice. The new law likely won’t prevent companies from taking Wisconsin jobs elsewhere. But at least they will no longer be rewarded for it. We shouldn’t give an unfair advantage to companies who leave the Badger state. Doing so was a complete waste of our tax dollars. It is good that lawmakers from both parties recognized the absurdity of this law, and worked together to end it.

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