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‘Live Mighty’ now official slogan for La Crosse downtown tourism

Brad Williams



If you live in La Crosse, or just visit the city, Downtown Mainstreet Incorporated wants you to ‘Live Mighty.’

That new branding slogan for the downtown area is being rolled out, so you can expect to see it on signs, shirts, and coffee mugs.

DMI officially introduced the ‘Live Mighty’ expression today, two months after it was proposed by a consulting firm from South Carolina during a brainstorming conference.

The word “mighty” was chosen because of the nickname ‘The Mighty Mississippi,’ and it was determined that no other major city on the river was using ‘mighty’ in tourist promotions.

DMI director Robin Moses says the promotional campaign will also project an image of La Crosse as a ‘young’ community, founded by teenager Nathan Myrick, and ‘born of fun.’

The organization says the abbreviation “L-A-X” will be used more to identify La Crosse, even though those letters also are associated with Los Angeles.