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Not every effort successful for Republicans in lame-duck this week



Republicans didn’t get everything they wanted out of an extraordinary lame-duck session this week in Madison.

They did rack up a bunch of wins when it comes to stripping power from an incoming Democratic Gov. Tony Evers.

But the just completed legislative session didn’t secure victories in a couple of areas  like a pre-existing conditions bill and a massive incentive package for paper giant, Kimberly Clark.

Assembly majority leader Jim Steineke blamed Evers, from whom his party had just worked around the clock to strip power. Steineke said that was bad leadership on Evers’ part.

“I was really disappointed that Governor-elect (Tony) Evers didn’t step forward to take this opportunity to show some leadership and, at least, give his opinion on whether or not he thought it was a good idea,” Steineke said.

Republican Steineke authored the bill to give Kimberly Clark $100 million in incentives to help save 400 jobs. It passed the assembly but didn’t make it through the state senate, as some GOP senators joined Democrats in opposing it.

“That’s something, I hope, that he’ll learn over time,” Steineke said of Evers. “That his voice is extremely important in matters like this. And, I hope, as we get into the new year, when we are struggling with issues like this, that he’ll utilize that as a place where he can show some leadership.”

The incentive package for the paper company was meant to keep it from shutting down a plant in Neenah.

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