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Man claims he was assaulted by girlfriend, but video he recorded shows police otherwise



A La Crosse man called police on his girlfriend for assaulting him.

When police arrived however, the video he recorded of an argument with his girlfriend told a different story.

Raymond Coppage initially called police Saturday afternoon. He ended up being charged with strangulation, battery and disorderly conduct.

Police arrived at the couple’s residence on Kane Street to find some of Coppage’s clothes lying on the ground, thrown there by his girlfriend.

The 44-year-old Coppage stated she assaulted him during an argument and provided police with cellphone video of their argument.

The video shows him confronting her and following her around the residence. He allegedly choked her for five seconds during the fight.

The man’s girlfriend said the argument started after she dumped out all of his alcohol while he was gone.

He allegedly pushed her against the wall and choked her, though Coppage said he didn’t remember that part.

He blew a .34 on a breathalyzer.

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