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Democrats fume over plans to limit Gov. Evers’ powers

Mitch Reynolds



With more indications Wisconsin Republicans plan last-minute changes to cut authority of incoming Gov. Tony Evers, members of his Democratic party are expressing frustration.

La Crosse County Democratic party co-chair Michael Smuksta posed one simple question: “If Walker had won re-election would they be doing this? I don’t think that they would

Smuksta said that, while he finds the GOP antics irritating, he’s not that surprised.

“I think the Republicans are playing the same kind of divide and conquer,” he said. “They’re ignoring the results of the election, in a sense. They’re trying to reverse what happened.”

The GOP legislature can do it in a lame duck session as long as Walker plays along. And, in his first interview late last week, Walker said he’s considering signing on to some of the ways his fellow Republicans want to alter the position’s authority in the state.

Among the changes getting considered by Republicans would limit the governor’s authority over enacting state agency rules.