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Doyle: Nothing to warnings of much higher gas tax



The narrative from Republicans while Tony Evers was running for governor was that the Democrat was going to raise the gas tax by at least $1 a gallon.

But a gas tax boost is probably not coming to Wisconsin. Not just yet. And definitely not by $1.

“I think the chances of Wisconsin increasing the gas taxes by a dollar is about the same as me being sworn in as governor in January,” Onalaska state rep. Steve Doyle said.

Doyle added that he’s not sure how Evers will stick to a pledge of not raising taxes altogether.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if Evers (withdraws) on his proposal not to increase taxes and does some sort of a modest increase in gas tax,” Doyle said.

A gas tax increase or any other budget plan may be impacted by a new report that finds state government will need to find more than $2 billion to simply maintain current levels of service.

Doyle added that a gas tax is not a horrible idea, as out of state drivers would then be helping fund roads in Wisconsin.

Doyle says all of the tax questions — gas and otherwise — will be answered when EVers submits his first state budget in the spring.

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