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Vernon County leads in rides to the poll in western Wisconsin



Some just go to the polls to vote, while others need a little help.

More than a little help is available in Vernon County, as over two dozen volunteers will provide free rides to election sites Tuesday through the county’s aging unit.

Few counties have as comprehensive a program for getting voters to the ballot box than Vernon. With a a couple dozen drivers and the county’s regular mini-bus program, it just made sense to county human services director Pamela Eitland.

“With us having a transportation program and mini buses, we said ‘Gosh, that’s a need we can meet,’ and so we’re offering it,” she said.

It’s the first year for the program and definitely needed, Eitland said.

“We have spoken with people who have indicated,” Eitland said, “they would have gone and voted but they did not have a ride there, they did not feel safe driving themselves for one reason or another, particularly if there’s bad weather that day.”

Eitland hopes the county’s ride service will help at least 100 get to the polls. Vernon County provides the most extensive ride to the poll service in western Wisconsin.

To reserve a ride call 888.637.1323 or 608.637.5201.

There are suggested donations for the rides, otherwise they’re free.

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