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Info session for La Crosse public market creates buzz



First informational session on the possibility of a big public market in La Crosse is one step in a much longer process.

A feasibility study will begin on a public market for somewhere in La Crosse and it could take months.

A.J. Frels, executive director of the Convention and Visitors Bureau, already likes what he’s seen.

“I think it’s just exciting that we’re to the point where we’re looking at the possibility of a public market,” he said.

Frels was among a couple dozen attending an info session on a public market with a consultant in city hall Thursday.

Several sites are under consideration for the market — if one becomes a reality in the city.

Some have expressed concerns about taking customers away from other business.

Public market consultant Aaron Zaretsky, hired by the city, says just the opposite is true. Public market places only add to business.

“There’s a reason why car dealers locate next to other car dealers and jewelry shops locate next to other jewelry shops,” Zaretsky said.

Zaretsky says public markets can have a revitalizing and significant growth impact on surrounding businesses.

He uses the public market in Milwaukee’s third ward as an example of a place that, not only becomes a hub of activity, but also creates a catalyst for growth in surrounding businesses.

“If we are able to go forward with a public market here, I think it will have a tremendously positive effect on the community,” Zaretsky said.

Zaretsky noted that the sites under consideration will be evaluated based on a list of 50-60 criteria, including their impact on surrounding businesses.

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