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Oktoberfest numbers in from police, ambulance calls



The Oktoberfest numbers are in from both the La Crosse Police Department and Tri-State Ambulance.

The police reported 151 underage drinking tickets — five cited for having a fake ID. That included a woman who called the cops after her fake ID was confiscated.

There were also seven disorderly conducts, 11 public urinations, and six OWIs.

Police say two people were cited for social hosting, which can run to fines over $600.

Tri-State said 30 percent of its 145 responses over the four-day festival were alcohol-related, but calls were down 43 percent from last year.

Those calls included ambulance and paramedics on bicycles.

The bike squads were only needed 15 times. Last year it was 38.

The overall level of requests were 10 percent higher than an average weekend, though.

Tri-State reported a slight increase in calls on the first day of Oktoberfest, compared to a year ago, but the sharpest drop from last year occurred on Saturday.

It was the lowest number of ambulance responses for Tri-State during Oktoberfest in four years.

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