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Rep. Davids on Hokah’s Como Falls: “We’ll get her cleaned up”



HOKAH, Minn.  The future of Como Falls in Hokah isn’t entirely clear but other damage to the little Houston County community will have state help in getting fixed.

That’s the pledge from state representative Greg Davids, who toured Como Falls park with Gov. Mark Dayton on Friday.

“It’s a mess but we’ll get it figured out, we’ll get it cleaned up and we’ll have a nice park back there again,” Davids said.

The City of Hokah has orchestrated emergency repairs to Thompson Creek and Como Falls Park to prevent any more damage from flowing water that could threaten a couple of dozen homes as it continued to erode a hillside.

The city is looking at possibilities for the future of Como Falls, which essentially disappeared in the heavy rains and flash flooding that started late last month.

“We’ve surveyed the damage together and he could see what he thought needed to be done,” Preston said of he and Davids. “And he was going to convene a commissioners meeting and assign some people to make sure there’s follow through and this thing gets done.”

While heavy rains fell in much of Davids’ district, Hokah sustained the most damage, and the emergency work done there already has been a big help.

“The City of Hokah officials, the county officials, the DNR were on top of this right now,” Davids said. “We had meetings the last couple of weeks, right after it happened, and things are moving.”

Como Falls park is closed for the foreseeable future.

Como Falls in Hokah, Minn., was wiped out by late-August 2018 storms.

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