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Minnesota teachers among those targeted in dump the union campaign



Minnesota is among the states in which teachers are apparently getting targeted in a campaign to get them to drop their union membership.

The telemarketing and email campaign comes in the wake of the recent Supreme Court decision that said public union members didn’t have to pay union dues if they choose not to be union members.

President of Education Minnesota, Denise Specht says the campaign is a familiar attack.

“These are the people who don’t want to see educators making more money,” Specht said. “They want to privatize public education. They don’t want us going to the capitol, speaking up for smaller class sizes or against vouchers.”

The group organizing the “My Pay, My Say’ campaign acknowledges it’s targeting public employees across the nation through calls, emails and social media.

“It’s to take away workers’ voice,” Specht said of the campaign’s goal.

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