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State GOP calls on Democratic governor candidates to denounce Flynn



He was in La Crosse campaigning and at the same time be called on to drop out of the race.

Matt Flynn is one of eight Democratic candidates for governor. He held a meet and greet in La Crosse on Wednesday night. Earlier that day, the state Republican Party called for the rest of the Democrats to denounce him.

Republican Party executive director Mark Morgan held a news conference Wednesday, shredding Flynn for covering up his involvement in the Milwaukee archdiocese sex abuse cases but he wasn’t done there.

“Matt Flynn is not qualified and is not fit to serve as governor of the state of Wisconsin,” Morgan said. “This behaviour from Matt Flynn has been unacceptable from Day 1. We have reached a point of no return for the rest of the Democrats in this field. They can no longer continue to be silent on this issue.”

Morgan says the failure of the rest of the candidates to call on Flynn to drop out also makes them unfit for office.

Flynn denies any wrongdoing, and says it’s Gov. Scott Walker who should drop out. Flynn also has said his critics should go “jump in a lake.”

Flynn, who represented the archdiocese as an attorney, denies any wrongdoing.

Walker, himself, got in on the action on Twitter, calling for Flynn to drop out, saying his actions “disqualify him from serving.”



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