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Ticketing issues in La Crosse ramps blamed on national software glitch



A national software glitch gets the blame for some ticketing issues in La Crosse parking ramps last week.

City parking utility coordinator, Jim Flottmeyer says it’s unclear just how many people were impacted when the city’s software provider crashed for time during a period that started around the beginning of last week.

If you suspect you’re one of those who got ticketed when you shouldn’t have, Flottmeyer has a simple solution for you:

“Just let us know and we’ll check it out for you and see if it was something on our end and then we’ll help take care of it,” said Flottmeyer.

Flottmeyer said he can track your car by the license plate number to check for errors so you don’t need a receipt.

Flottmeyer says the software issues were nationwide and impacted any municipality using the same software.

Contact city parking utility here

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