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On sentences, Abraham gives credit, criticism when due



La Crosse assistant police chief Rob Abraham hasn’t been completely silent on Twitter over the last few weeks.

But he hasn’t called out an individual judge for a lax sentence since last month.

From the WIZM studio Wednesday afternoon, Abraham suggested he’s ready to pounce again if need be — especially for those light sentences on career criminals. He says those are the ones that can’t be rehabilitated.

“There are certain individuals,” Abraham said, “who will just, their entire life, continue to victimize and prey on good people, continue to drain the resources of the criminal justice system, and the best thing to do with those people — that’s exactly why we build prisons.”

Abraham doesn’t see second — or any extra chances — for those criminals.

“These are the type of people that, there should be no breaks,” Abraham said. “There should be no leeway. There should be no, ‘We can rehabilitate you.’

“You’re a felon. You know you’re not supposed to have a gun, and if you get caught, you know it’s going to be the maximum sentence.”

Surprisingly, Abraham had some complimentary things to say about a sentence given to Damon Taylor by Judge Ramona Gonzalez last month.

Gonzalez sentenced Taylor, who has an extensive criminal record, to 16 years behind bars and 10 years of supervision for his role in a shootout and police standoff last year.

It’s exactly the type of sentence he wishes all judges would impose more often.

“They’re not going to lose a single vote being tough on armed felons who continue to commit crimes,” Abraham said.

Watch the entire interview with Abraham here.

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