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Citywide large item pickup begins in La Crosse as college students move out



The big college moveout is underway in La Crosse. Fortunately, large item pickup also begins.

The correlation isn’t an accident, as college students generally leave behind quite a few things.

City council member Jessica Olson said it is especially important over the next three weeks in the districts like the one she represents that has a lot of college students.

“We have upwards of 15,000 college students a year that are creating jobs and adding to our economy and an added part, a necessary part, of being a college town is moveout period,” she said.

The period runs through June 8 and is limited to two pickup days per household — both on regular recycling day pickup. No appliances are allowed and there’s a limit of five items per day. Also, those items can’t be put out more than 12 hours before collection.

Olson added that having to pay a fee for throwing furniture and other large items away at other times of the year leads to illegal dumping in the city. She does feel like it would be helpful to have it at other times of the year, too.

“Since the city changed over and eliminated year-round large item pickup, it has been a hardship for renters moving out at other times of the year,” she said.

The city moved to once-a-year large item pickup as part of the switch to single-stream recycling and automated garbage collection that happened in 2014.

If you put out a mattress to be picked up, please cover it if rain is in the forecast. Those will be recycled by another company. For more information, click here.

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