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Wisconsin child tax rebates can be claimed starting next week



Critics still aren’t in love with the concept, but the time to claim child tax rebates in Wisconsin is drawing closer.

Starting May 15, parents can start applying online for the $100 per child sales tax rebate championed by Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker as a way to spend down the state’s $400 million budget surplus.

Critics contend the rebate and the sales tax holiday are bad tax policy and nothing more than an election gimmick for Walker, who is seeking a third term.Walker dismisses those concerns, insisting the programs are the best way to spend down the budget surplus.

Applying for the tax credit isn’t as easy as it sounds either. The Department of Revenue appears to understand that, posting answers to 19 of the most common questions related to the rebates.

The claim period runs through July 2.

Later this summer, that other big giveaway — the sales tax holiday — will begin.

The rules for which take up another page on the Revenue website. They include a lengthy list of items included in those exempted from sales tax during the holiday. Those include lists of items like shirts, underwear, earmuffs … and garter belts — as long as they’re under $75.

The sales tax holiday will run August 1-5.

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