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Next phase for an old Kmart site in La Crosse? Something pretty good, hopes neighborhood group



It looks like November of this year when there could be real movement on the future of the old Kmart in La Crosse.

It’s one of the biggest development possibilities in the city and representatives from a neighborhood group hope city hall gets it right.

The city is exploring the possibility of buying the 6.4 acre chunk of land where Kmart sat for decades on the corner of Losey and State, until it shut its doors last year. It is currently assessed for just under $4 million.

Co-chair of the Bluffside Neighborhood Association, Jim Bagniefski says a retail, commercial housing mix sounds right to him for the spot, as long as there’s attention paid to traffic around the site.

“I wouldn’t be against that,” Bagniefski said. “I think the only thing that people put their foot down on, is they did not want a big box store.

“I think there is a shortage of housing in La Crosse so that seems like a good option.”

The city buying that land could be big for the surrounding area, Bagniefski said.

“How often does somebody get an opportunity, that’s about an 8-acre sight,” he said. “That’s a very good chunk of land in a very integral position.”

Kmart closed last year as part of a larger restructuring by parent company, Sears.


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