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Some Wisconsin lawmakers have solution to budget impasse: legalize marijuana



Democratic lawmaker says nearly $50 million in revenue could be had.

The Wisconsin state budget is 14 days overdue. 

Democratic state rep. Tod Ohnstad says it’s striking that Republicans are fighting amongst themselves over where to scrape together money for schools and roads.

“One solution is staring us in the face and that is the legalization of marijuana,” Ohnstad said.

Ohnstad is a supporter of the latest attempt to legalize recreational marijuana in Wisconsin. He says there’s a pile of money waiting for lawmakers trying to finish the budget.

“It is estimated that between 30 to 49 million dollars a year in revenue would be generated actually, if it was legalized,” Ohnstad said.

The new measure would, among other things, allow growing pot plants for personal use and calls for consumer protection to insure the quality of marijuana getting sold.



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