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Cass St. roundabout surprises drunk motorcyclist



Tomah man told police tall tale as to why he was drunk.

The roundabout on Cass St. isn’t even open and there’s already been an accident – a drunk-driving one at that with a little fib from the driver.

Witnesses saw Cody Stone take his motorcycle around barricades and onto the closed portion of Cass St. He then weaved around cones on the street, before coming to the newly built traffic circle, which must have surprised the 26-year-old.

Police said he approached the circle heading east on Cass from 7th St. at “what must have been a very high rate of speed,” before dropping the bike.

According to the skid marks (pic above), police said he dropped it around 6th St, “before the driver laid the cycle down, still sliding and hitting the curb of the new circle, leaving several gouges (pic below),” police wrote.

The Tomah, Wis., man left his bike and called a friend to take him to Mayo Clinic, where police found him.

Stone told police during that .7-mile trip to Mayo, he found a bottle of rum in his friend’s car and drank all of it, which was why he was drunk.

Police, however, talked to witnesses who said he was drinking but not rum. People said Stone was seen downing Malibu and pineapple juice at Legends.

Stone failed a sobriety test and blew a .194, which will be his second drunk-driving offense.




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