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State Sen. Shilling criticizes priorities of Senate, after passing anti-union bill



Senate has only taken up three bills this session, so far.

MADISON, Wis. — Criticism of priorities after the Wisconsin state senate passed a bill Wednesday that is seen as another attack on unions.

The measure prohibits local governments from mandating contractors enter into labor agreements with unions on public projects.

On the floor of the Senate, La Crosse state Senator Jennifer Shilling expressed frustration that the senate was not tackling more pressing things.

“What’s happening about Lincoln Hill? What’s happening about King’s Veterans home?” she asked. “It feels like those are more urgent issues that we should be talking about. That those are really impacting people’s lives.”

Or, Shilling suggested, other bills the Senate could be working on.

“We’ve got potholes,” Shilling said. “I’m sure you all know in your communities the worst streets right now. 

“We could be working on that. But instead, we’re taking up a bill … that feels like a solution in search of a problem.” 

The Republican bill passed along party lines. The bill was only the third one taken up by the Senate in the new legislative session.  





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