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Recommendations on Wisconsin elections from one group that observed polls Nov. 8



Biggest issue, group noticed, was lack of training and workers at the polls.

In general Wisconsin elections go pretty well. But, there are glitches here and there. 

That’s part of the evaluation of last fall’s election by the League of Women Voters of Wisconsin.  

The group says it had 249 observers working over 500 polling stations throughout the state for the Nov. 8 election and, for the most part, its observers found that election workers often went above and beyond the call of duty to make sure that they could help voters deal with ID and registration issues. 

But, the league blames a lack of training of election workers and just a lack of election workers for, at times, frazzled and frustrated voters not being able to cast a ballot.

Problems ranged from election workers not offering help in registering voters, to some just giving out incorrect information about allowable forms of identification – some not asked for IDs at all.

And, the League says, hundreds were turned away from the polls, but it’s unknown how many didn’t bother to vote because of the anticipation of complications.

The group recommends much more training and support for elections on the local level, as well as changes to allowable identification and registration information.  

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