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Gov. Walker making demands of the new Trump administration



List asks for restoration of state authority on number of subjects.

Donald Trump is a month away from taking office as president and he already has Wisconsin’s governor making demands.

Governor Scott Walker has sent a letter to Trump, demanding from the new administration the restoration of state authority over things like medical programs and pollution standards.

Walker wants to revise standards in the Clean Air Act, a request which sparked criticism from La Crosse state Senator Jennifer Shilling. She says  that “puts polluters and wealthy special interests ahead of working families.” 

Walker also wants the ability for state reforms that would implement drug testing for food and health benefits and charge more for health coverage for those near poverty, who engage in risky behavior.

In his letter, Walker says all of his demands will help do what Trump wants, make America great again.

Walker also asked that wolves be delisted so they can be hunted again in Wisconsin.

And, he wants more authority to decide whether refugees from countries with terrorist ties can enter the state and how many would be able to do so.

All of that, he’ll need federal approval for.

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