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Proposal on old navy site in La Crosse looks promising



City council member says
it could be model for future

The way a group of homes will get developed on La Crosse’s south side could be a model for the rest of the city.  

That’s, at least, what city council member Paul Medinger believes about the proposed single-family homes planned for the site of the old Naval Reserve center on Green Bay Street.

“This is going to be successful and I think other pockets around town may consider this type of design going forward,” Medinger said. “It’s a good fresh way to look at developing these vacant lots.”

Medinger, who represents the area, is pleased with the design for the group of homes accepted this week by a city committee.

“I’m very happy that we’re finally making some progress,” he said. “It felt like there was no progress for years and years, and now we’re so close.”

It’s been about a decade since the Navy left the city and the lot. Seven new single-family homes, maintained by a homeowners association, are to be built on the site with a common green space.

“I’ll feel better once they break some ground and some work starts out there,” Medinger admitted. “The homes will be built as they are sold. Expectations are that the homes will go quickly.”


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