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Another fundraiser for new zoo, which will cost $13 million



Fun run is set for August
for Myrick Park Zoo group

Another fundraiser is on the schedule for the group formed to restore the old zoo at La Crosse’s Myrick Park.  

It’s a fun run in August. 

City park and rec director Steve Carlyon says it will cost about $13 million to bring back the zoo – a lofty goal.

“I don’t think it’s a matter of being realistic or not,” Carlyon said. “I think it’s a matter of determining what it is they want to do.”

Carlyon says zoo ideas range from an exotic African animals facility to one that hosts injured wild animals for rehab.  

He does like how the group is planning organically.

“It’s a great opp for the community to come together and work on something collectively instead of government doing it,” Carlyon said. “It’s always if the local community gets involved.”

Where he thinks the group should start is the zoo’s old duck house, which is still standing.

“We’ve got the original drawings … so, the goal is to restore it exactly like it was in the 40s,” Carlyon said.

The fun run was approved by the park board Thursday.

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