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Gov. Walker parading state, touting Act 10



La Crosse democratic chair says it’s hurt the
middle class, diminished government quality

While Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker touts what he sees as one of his great accomplishments, critics strongly disagree.  

Walker has been making stops around the state, telling the story about how his public union-busting Act 10 has made the state fiscally stronger in the last five years.  

La Crosse democratic party chair Vicki Burke said what she’s seen is a weakening of the middle class from the law, which is, of course, not good for the state or the nation.

“I do think it’s very important that we have a very strong middle class and that workers receive … a decent wage and benefits,” Burke said.

Burke points to studies that show a link between declining union membership and a declining middle class as proof that Act 10 has been far more destructive than beneficial.

“It’s very important people are able to look forward to a retirement that is comfortable for them,” Burke said.

Besides putting the squeeze on the middle class, Burke says act 10 has also diminished the quality of government service provided in the state.  

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