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Pothole plagued Lang Drive getting its fix



City moving up construction by two years

Some extra construction this year in La Crosse will probably be a welcome thing for many people.

Construction repairs on the city’s beleaguered Lang Drive has been moved up two years on the DOT’s construction calendar and will begin this summer instead of 2018. 

“It seems like it gets worse almost on a monthly basis, so we are happy it is getting moved up and will get done this year,” La Crosse mayor Tim Kabat said. “We’ve been actively trying to work with the DOT to get that project moved up.”

It’s a bit of a surprise development says the DOT’s Reiny Yahnke in La Crosse

“First part of the year,” Yahnke said, “the department was experiencing some … savings so those extra funds that became available were used to advance some projects.”

The $1-2 million project will be put out for bids in June and is expected to be finished with construction by the end of September. 

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