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Kabat talks racial profiling in La Crosse police dept.



Recent allegations by state rep.
Steve Doyle sparked investigation

La Crosse’s mayor appears to be satisfied that allegations of racial profiling among the city’s police have been fully investigated.

Onalaska state rep. Steve Doyle implied in an interview about a week ago on AM 1410 WIZM that he was aware of racial profiling going on by police. 

In the WIZM studio Monday afternoon, La Crosse mayor Tim Kabat said that spawned a full investigation by top brass in the department. 

“I would say our police here, they really do take those matters seriously, go through the training and go through that process,” Kabat said. “And, if folks have other examples, we’re always willing to listen, sit down and see how we can do better.”

Kabat suggests the allegations made by Doyle may have been based on a misunderstanding, yet, he added, they sparked a particularly intense review of racial data during police stops. 

“Has there been a circumstance where people of color have felt like they’ve been targeted in La Crosse?” Kabat asked. “I don’t doubt it, but we are trying to do everything in our power to make sure our officers are trained.”

Kabat credits police chief Ron Tischer for aggressively looking into any allegations of racial bias among his officers. 

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