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Childcare centers need to become breastfeeding friendly



Only one in La Crosse County is certified

Picking where your children spend their day while you’re at work is a big decision.

The best childcare centers are, of course, the ones that are breastfeeding friendly certified, according to the La Crosse County Health Dept. And, it’s urging childcare centers to seek out ways to gain that certification.

“It’s important to support women in breastfeeding,” Maggie Smith from the health department said. “It has long-lasting helath benefits.

“It helps centers to be more marketable. It’s something that a lot of moms are choosing to breastfeed and so, as moms are returning to work, it’s something that they keep in mind as they’re looking out for a new childcare center.”

Currently, just one childcare center in La Crosse County is designated as breastfeeding friendly. Applications are open for more now.  

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