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Former Winona State football player allegedly hits, kills 93-year-old priest with GMC truck while looking at phone



A former Winona State football player allegedly hit and killed a 93-year-old priest, while driving, but looking at his phone instead of the road.


Clay Schueffner was charged last week with homicide by negligent operation of a vehicle in Milwaukee County.

The 24-year-old former WSU linebacker was possibly looking at Snapchat or GPS on one of his two phones, when he hit the priest with his GMC truck back on Feb. 9 in Wauwatosa, Wis.

The priest, David Gau, died shortly after being hit, according to a criminal complaint.

Police said Schueffner got out and walked toward Gau after hitting him. Schueffner told police he was looking at his speed and GPS, before hitting Gau and didn’t have time to react.

GPS and other apps were being used on one of his two phones. Schueffner did not tell police he was using Snapchat.

Also, according to phone data, Schueffner was going 38 in a 35 mph zone.

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