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Changes coming to Tomah VA phone system



FILE - Tomah VA

The phone system is being changed at the Tomah VA and outpatient clinics in the region.

The VA recently updated how it will receive and route calls at medical centers nationwide, as part of its new VA Health Connect effort.

Beginning March 29, there will likely be a different voice answering calls, but that person has access to the same tools and training to properly help Veterans.

Customers will still have access to the full range of in-person services available through local VA healthcare facilities.

The call system is also not a substitute for an emergency department. Veterans with medical or mental health emergencies should call 911, the Veterans Crisis Line at 988 or go to the nearest ER.

Pharmacy and Clinical Triage services are now available 24/7 and Primary Care Scheduling is expected to be 24/7 by summer.

Speak to a VA Health Connect professional by dialing your VA Medical Center or community based outpatient clinic and select option 1 for Pharmacy, 2 for Scheduling or 3 for Clinical Triage.

The VA also encourages veterans use My HealtheVet when seeking to communicate directly with their care providers in a prompt and efficient manner.

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