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Candidates for La Crosse County Sheriff answer WIZM questionnaire



A lot of important races on the ballot for the midterm elections, in which voting ends Tuesday.

For La Crosse County residents, perhaps the most important race has nothing to do with Madison or D.C., but with everyday life.

La Crosse County will know who its next sheriff is after Tuesday’s elections. Either Democrat John Siegel, the department’s investigative captain, or one of the Sheriff’s Office investigators, Republican Fritz Leinfelder.

The two recently answered a questionnaire from the WIZM news team. Questions included topics on the local judicial system and judges’ decisions, holding law enforcement accountable for wrongdoing, the county looking at a Citizens Policing Board, among other things.

Leinfelder’s and Sigel’s answers can be found here.

La Crosse County Sheriff candidates John Siegel (left) and Frintz Leinfelder.

WIZM also reached out to Assembly candidates in the 94th, 95th and 96th districts.

Only Republican Loren Oldenburg refused to answer the questionnaire.

After repeated request to acknowledge the questionnaire was received, Oldenburg’s only response was, “Yes I have received your email at this time I will pass on responding to your questions.”

Asked why he refused, Oldenburg did not reply.

His opponent, Emergency Room Registered Nurse, Democrat Jayne Swiggum, did reply. Her answers can be found here.

Participating in the survey for the 94th were Democratic incumbent Steve Doyle and Republican challenger Ryan Huebsch, which can be found here.

And answers from Democratic incumbent Jill Billings and Republican challenger Chris Woodard for the 95th Assembly, can be found here.

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