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Billings, Woodard take over 20 questions from local La Crosse media during debate for Wisconsin’s 95th Assembly District



From PFAS to abortion access, school funding and a multi-billion-dollar budget surplus. Those were just some of the over 20 questions asked by local media during a debate for Wisconsin’s 95th Assembly District, which includes the city of La Crosse.

Democratic Assembly Rep. Jill Billings has held the seat since 2011. She is being challenged this election cycle by Republican Chris Woodard, who is a La Crosse city council member.

Local media had the opportunity to ask the two over 20 questions in a debate hosted by UW-La Crosse and moderated by political science professor, Anthony Chergosky, Ph.D.

Some of the other questions included the homeless situation in the city, teachers leaving the profession, minimum wage, how to quell partisanship in Madison, as well as a variety of drug questions from illegal drugs to legalizing marijuana to the opioid epidemic. 

Heated clashes in the debate were relatively few, until the end when Woodard brought up Billings’ recent tax situation, while the incumbent fired back about a past four-year restraining order against Woodard.

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  1. Kent Porter

    November 3, 2022 at 5:50 am

    THAT’S funny , Billings has done nothing on PFAS for 2 years , now it’s election time and she is sooooo worried about PFAS ?????

  2. Tom

    November 3, 2022 at 9:38 am

    Here is write up with questions that were not asked/answered regarding Rep Billings’ WI Income Tax delinquency.

    State Rep. Jill Billings delinquent income taxes – Why and other questions
    This was found online regarding Tax Liens and Tax Warrants. State Representative Jill Billings, La Crosse, had both issued to her for a past due WI income tax bill of over $10,000.00.
    A tax lien is a claim the government makes on your property, including real estate and other assets, when you’re past due on your income taxes. If you don’t take care of a federal tax lien, a tax levy could come next.
    A tax warrant is a legal action that can be brought against you by the state or federal government if you fail to pay your taxes. Also called a lien, the warrant is a public record that allows the government to claim your personal property or assets to satisfy the unpaid taxes.
    The Case # for the Tax Warrant is (WI) Dept. of Revenue 2022TW000097.
    Representative Billings claims it was a mistake of missing paperwork. Okay, so what took so long to correct what should have been a simple rectification before these legal actions were taken? Departments of Revenue will notify delinquent taxpayers (assuredly more than once) before resorting to issuing tax liens and warrants. Was the problem only a paperwork mistake or was it mismanagement of finances? Her State Representative income tax should have been automatically withheld, so what other sources of income does she have? Why were the estimated taxes for other private income not paid on schedule?
    1. How did she get this far in the rears? The estimate is that the state portion of income tax would be about $7000.00. The additional over $3000.00 was interest and penalties. A reasonable calculation estimates the income for that amount of tax would be around $119,000.00. Was this income for one year or over multiple years? How long has she been delinquent? The interest accrued on this on an approximately $7000.00 delinquent tax bill indicates that this has been going on for more than a year.
    2. What took so long to pay? What was the reason for letting this amount of interest and penalties accrue? Was she also late with Federal Income taxes? If so, how much?
    3. How is it that when this came out in the media, it was taken care of in very short order? Why not take care of it sooner? Did Rep Billings receive assistance from others? Who and for how much each? Is she now beholden to them? Is there a repayment plan in place? Should there be?
    4. The media simply reported that Rep. Billings had the tax lien & warrant and then further reported that she paid all that was owed in full. And that’s supposed to be the extent of it? Why did the media not ask these questions? If they did, are they covering for her and her answers?

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