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Attempted-murder charges for 17-year-old, who was hospitalized from gunshots, after 15-year-old was killed in La Crosse May 22



FILE - Flower set outside apartments on 7th Street South in La Crosse, where Storm Vondrashek was killed in a shootout May 22, 2022.

One of the three males potentially involved in the shooting homicide on La Crosse’s south side — a person police initially had in custody — is now wanted again, facing new charges.


A warrant was issued for 17-year-old Jackson Greengrass, who was one of two people shot on May 22 and ended up in the ER. The other, 15-year-old Storm Vondrashek, was killed that morning.

Greengrass was charged Thursday in La Crosse County Circuit Court with felony attempted murder and attempted first-degree intentional homicide.

Sage Hicke was in court Monday, after turning himself in a week ago on homicide charges for Vondrashek’s killing. His bond is set at $50,000. His lawyer claimed in court Hicke fired in self defense at Vondrashek and Greengrass, who both showed up in a vehicle together at the apartments where Hicke was at, after a dispute.


According to the criminal complaint, one witness said Vondrashek had a sawed off shotgun and Hicke told her that Vondrashek had hit — not shot — him, though it was unclear if he had hit him with the shotgun.

Other witnesses said Vondrashek tried firing the shotgun multiple times but had trouble with the trigger. Another witness said it was Greengrass that fired a gun first.

Along with the felony charges, Greengrass also has misdemeanors for battery as a party to a crime, possession of a dangerous weapon by a person under 18, and intentionally pointing a firearm at a person.

Greengrass was due in court Thursday on the misdemeanor charges. He was out of jail after the incident on a $900 bond, which the judge has now ordered forfeited.

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