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La Crosse jail passes yearly inspection

Brad Williams



No violations were found by state inspectors at the La Crosse County jail, during their latest annual inspection last fall. 

La Crosse County Sheriff Jeff Wolf reported to a county law committee Tuesday that there were no complaints from inmates, and the inspectors were satisfied with conditions there. 

Wolf said inspectors were “very satisfied” with “everything related to the jail, and especially the cleanliness of the facility.”

Wolf added that in the past year, the jail has improved its focus on mental health needs and installed a new body scanner for visitors.  

The jail population is at 150, well below the 274 capacity level. Inmates range from two 17-year-olds to a 62-year-old man. 

Wolf did address the recent death of a prisoner, noting more information could be available by the end of the week. 

Jeffrey Nottestad of Hixton was found dead in his cell last week, after a routine prisoner check. 

La Crosse police are conducting the investigation.