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UW-La Crosse students join global climate strike

Kaitlyn Riley



UW-La Crosse students held an 11-minute strike at noon Friday.

Dozens of students at UW-La Crosse joined a global climate strike Friday. For 11 minutes on Friday, students read their fears for global climate change. UW-La Crosse student Josie Talbert said it represented the 11-year time constraint the world has to limit the effects of a climate catastrophe.

“I think one of the biggest things is getting people involved in stuff like this and actively participating in activism and finding that in your community, which is sometimes difficult,” Talbert said.

Fellow organizer of the event Megan Hickinbotham, hoped the worldwide effort would catch the attention of political and corporate leaders who can make changes.

“I hope that this event was the start of something bigger,” Hickinbotham said. “I hope this was the start of people starting to go and get involved and want to actually get involved in the community and fight for our climate.”

A walk to Congressman Ron Kind’s office was also planned at 5:30 Friday afternoon to discuss climate change.