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No drinks sold without a license, 29 years ago

Brad Williams



In 1990, five La Crosse bars had to close on June 30th, when their liquor licenses expired at midnight. The bars temporarily kept out of business were Brothers, the Alumni Inn, and Timmy G’s on South 3rd St. The Valley Square Theaters had to stop serving liquor, because they hadn’t picked up their license.

Bike racing fans were talking about the American who won the Tour de France for the second year in a row, Greg LeMond. It made news in the Coulee Region because LeMond’s wife is from La Crosse.

North La Crosse had a couple of popular breakfast places in 1990. The Embers was on Rose Street, where a Walgreen’s is now. And nearby, there was a Happy Chef restaurant, which is now the home of SSE Music. Breakfast destinations, yesterday in La Crosse.

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