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CBO deficit forecast shows there is plenty of fat to trim




The current path is unsustainable. That clear and dire warning comes from the Congressional Budget Office as it forecasts a growing federal budget deficit. The latest report from the nonpartisan agency warns that federal deficits are expected to swell to higher levels over the next decade than previously expected. The report says our federal debt is on an unsustainable course. It is forecast to rise some $63 billion more than previously expected after lawmakers agreed in the latest budget to boost spending on both domestic and defense programs. What is the answer? The report says to put it on a sustainable course, lawmakers will have to make significant changes to tax and spending policies by boosting revenues, cutting spending, or some combination of the two. Which path do you think our lawmakers will choose? If history is any guide, it won’t be to reduce spending. When was the last time the federal government actually cut spending? Each new budget means more government spending. No wonder our deficit is expected to reach one trillion dollars later this year. We all know there is plenty of government waste. Just look at the annual Pig Book, compiled by Citizens Against Government Waste. It lists more than $15 billion in wasteful government spending just this fiscal year. Our lawmakers need to rein in this unsustainable federal spending. There is plenty of pork. It is time to start trimming the fat.

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