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Fundraiser benefits La Crosse Police K9 units

Kaitlyn Riley



Police Captain Jason Melby said some of the proceeds could be used to buy shields for the dogs. (Photo credit: La Crosse Police Department)

A fundraiser could help protect the pups working with the La Crosse Police Department. The La Crosse Police Non-Supervisory Association is selling clothes to the public with designs that feature pawprint’s from La Crosse’s five K-9 officers.

Jason Melby, La Crosse Police captain, said the proceeds help purchase equipment that would not normally be part of the budget to fit the needs of their four patrol dogs and one explosive dog.

“For example, they have come out with K9 shields and masks to help protect the K9’s eyes and ears if you are working with them for firearm training or if you are going to deploy them into a crawlspace under a house or a building,” Melby said. “These are small shields that help protect them so that they can go through these areas safely.”

Melby said this is the first time they have had a fundraiser like this, and local residents are pawing out support for the cause.

“It is amazing,” Melby said. “When you bring in an animal like a K9 and use them to enhance our capabilities in the community, the community always supports those animals.”

The fundraiser ends August 21. Those interested in participating can find order information on the La Crosse Police Department Facebook page.