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Bucks G-League, WNBA franchise to La Crosse Center — plus, more concerts and stand-up comics?



Jared Flick in studio, discussing the possibility of landing the Milwaukee Bucks G-League team or if the La Crosse Center could handle a WNBA franchise, plus the idea of bringing in bigger concerts and more stand-up comics to the city. 

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Flick is the deputy director of recreation and the La Crosse Center. 

The idea of landing the Wisconsin Herd — the Bucks G-League team — could be out in Oshkosh after this season. When the Bucks initially were courting cities for their G-League franchise, La Crosse applied.

The WNBA is also looking to expand, so we also discussed if that was a possibility. 

We also got into the old debate, ‘Why doesn’t the La Crosse Center bring in bigger concerts?’

Along those lines, we did hit on some of the bigger concerts and stand-up comics that have recently come through the Center, what’s on the radar, plus how the Center just hosted its biggest event — and you’d probably never guess what that is every year.

FILE – Charlie Berens holds a drink toward the La Crosse Center crowd on Saturday, Oct. 15, 2022, in the first of two sold-out shows. (PHOTO: Rick Soelm)

Other things we discussed, more on the “parks and rec.” side, included closing one city pool this summer and potentially another one next summer with hundreds of thousands of dollars in repairs needed. 

We also talked about more pickleball, a big fastpitch softball tourney coming to town and a weird city rule that basically prevents the city from hosting sand volleyball tournaments at Pettibone Park. 

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