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LISTEN: State Rep. Jill Billings on GOP childcare “factory farm” legislation, Iowa-ish still-rigged voting maps model



FILE - Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers (middle) talks with La Crosse Schools Superintendent, Dr. Aaron Engel (right) and state Assembly Rep. Jill Billings (left) on Tuesday, Aug. 30, 2022, at Northside Elementary in La Crosse. (PHOTO: Rick Solem)

Wisconsin state Rep. Jill Billings joins to discuss the childcare legislation Republicans will pass that isn’t going to help childcare centers, and we also talked how the Assembly leader threw a redistricting model at the Legislature with no notice, no public hearing and 48 hours to vote.

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Didn’t waste much time getting into the childcare conversation, where the Assembly will vote on what I call “childcare factory farm” bills.

Some deregulate the centers to allow 16 year olds to watch other children, while other bills just allot parents or centers the ability to take out loans for money they don’t have and can’t get.

After that, we talked about the Republican attempt to change the entire way Wisconsin’s voting maps are drawn — thrown at the Assembly mid-session with no notice and no public hearings and 48 hours to vote — all because the conversation over the GOP impeaching a newly-elected state Supreme Court judge isn’t going over so well. 

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  1. Greg Symons

    September 14, 2023 at 7:14 am

    First it was free healthcare, now they want free childcare. The Left wants control of our lives and like any good merchandiser they know “free stuff” is a tantalizing lure to get you hooked. We already work 5 months out of the year to pay all the taxes to cover all the “free stuff”. But because it’s hidden in the cost of everything, rather than cutting a check we actually have to hand over, they hope we won’t notice and keep asking for more. Well. if we weren’t paying for so much “free stuff” we could all afford what is really important to us.

  2. Big Deal

    September 17, 2023 at 11:10 pm

    Why is school superintendent Engel in the picture? Is the school district now in the business of running day care also? No wonder our property taxes are out of sight.

    On voting maps…better to be Iowa-ish than Illinois-ish.

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