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The 20-slice cheeseburger, a Barbie-Oppenheimer double-feature and how many will run vs. Derrick Van Orden



WIZM's Brad Williams (left) and UW-La Crosse political science professor, Dr. Anthony Chergosky, in the WIZM studio on July 14, 2023, for La Crosse Talk PM.

UW-La Crosse political science professor, Dr. Anthony Chergosky, in the WIZM studio Friday for La Crosse Talk PM to break down Barbie-Heimer, Burger King’s 20-slice meatless cheese(burger) and the number of people that will run against Derrick Van Orden.

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Began the show, though talking about Waukesha’s school board firing a first-grade teacher over he outcries about the board banning the song Miley Cyrus-Dolly Parton song, Rainbowland.

After that, had some fun talking about the phenomenon that people are going to see the new movie Barbie and Oppenheimer as a double feature. What kind of combo is that and how much popcorn can one person eat?

That led to a discussion about original movies or sequels — and what movies are untouchable.

One of the movies brought up, along the lines of Oppenheimer, is Dr. Strangelove, who actually came into the studio to tell the audience they can never remake his 1964 classic.

We then got into some real politics, with Rebecca Cooke announcing her candidacy to run as a Democrat in the 3rd US House District currently held by Van Orden — and how many people might run. A big factor there, money, which got us into a discussion about the North Dakota governor — running for president — offering $20 gift cards for $1 donations so he can buy his way to the Milwaukee GOP presidential debate stage.

Lastly, we talked about this 20-slice Burger King monstrosity.