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WATCH: Eagle catches duck on Mississippi River near Brownsville



A screenshot of video captured by a National Eagle Center staffer of a Bald Eagle catching a duck on the Mississippi River near Brownsville, Minn.

The National Eagle Center may be undergoing a major remodel at its Wabasha, Minn., facility, but they captured an amazing video on the Mississippi River near Brownsville, Minn.

The Eagle Center writes in the video description:


“We are in the midst of fall migration season along the Upper Mississippi River and thousands upon thousands of waterfowl are currently on the river, including Tundra Swans.

“As always, there are plenty of Bald Eagles around as well, and while we typically see them eating fish or carrion (roadkill), they also will go after ducks when the conditions are right.

“Yesterday, Avian Care Assistant Manager Jarod Lueck was at Brownsville, MN to check out the Tundra Swan and waterfowl activity. During his visit, he managed to capture some truly incredible video!

“Now you can clearly see that Bald Eagles hunt for more than just fish on the river, and we see here that the initial catch was made by a juvenile! Impressive! But as another perfect illustration of the challenges that face juveniles as they hone their skills, it ultimately loses its catch to an adult. One thing is for certain – you don’t see Bald Eagle action like this every day.”

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