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UPDATE: Rochester man identified as suspect in Bodega attack



The Bodega Brew Pub said the man in front attacked a bartender Saturday night (Photo Credit: Bodega Brew Pub).

A 65-year-old man from Rochester faces charges, for allegedly hitting a Bodega Brew Pub bartender several times when asked to wear a face mask.

The suspect is identified as Joey Ray Burnham of Rochester. 

Police Ofcr. Dustin Darling tells us that Burnham is not scheduled for a court appearance at this time, and has been given a signature bond. 

Burnham was identified after being photographed by a security camera at the Bodega, during a visit to the bar on Christmas weekend. 

He’s accused of attacking the brew pub employee, after being asked to wear a mask inside the bar. 

“This was never about wearing or not wearing a mask,” Bodega Brew Pub posted on Facebook. “It is about an innocent man being attacked for doing his job. You don’t go behind a bar and punch the bartender! If you have to argue about that, then you’re the problem.”

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