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GOP lawmakers promote tax cuts at West Salem factory



Assembly Republicans are promoting tax relief and a ‘rainy day fund’ for the state, as part of a budget plan which could be voted on in the next week. 

Area GOP lawmakers Tony Kurtz, Loren Oldenburg, and Nancy VanderMeer promoted the tax cuts during a Friday visit to the Select Trusses factory in West Salem. 

The cuts would total about $250 million, and would cut the typical Wisconsin resident’s income taxes by $100 or more. 

The lawmakers gave Democratic Governor Tony Evers credit for signing a state budget put together by the Republican majority.

The GOP plan also would reduce personal property taxes paid by manufacturers by nearly $45 million and cut general state debt by $100 million.

Republicans are tapping some of the state’s projected $620 million budget surplus to pay for the tax cuts.

Evers faulted Republicans for not spending more on schools, and a spokesperson for the governor suggests that the GOP is in a hurry to pass the plan before taking “an eight-month vacation.”

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