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Cong. Kind observes passage of drug price act

Cong. Ron Kind speaks with reporters, along with former La Crosse County Aging Unit director Noreen Holmes

Brad Williams



La Crosse’s Congressman is celebrating the House passage of a bill to reduce prices for prescription drugs. 

Ron Kind says the ‘Lower Drug Costs Now Act’ is aimed at making insulin and other medicines more affordable. 

Democrat Kind hopes that passage of the drug pricing bill will prevent many families from having to make tough economic choices.

“Whether to take the prescription meds they need, or pay for food. Whether to take the prescription drugs, or cut back on heating, ” said Kind. “We don’t want people to have to be forced into making that decision.”

The House bill includes Kind’s plan for more transparency in letting Medicare patients know when they can get less expensive medicine. 

Kind tells reporters in La Crosse that up until now, the government has not been allowed to negotiate with drug companies on the prices charged for medicine.