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Terry Cowgill announced as 2019 Festmaster

Brad Williams



Dentist Terry Cowgill and his wife Shelly will reign over the 2019 Oktoberfest as Festmaster and Frau

Oktoberfest starts for another year Thursday and, just in time, the Festmaster was introduced to the public Wednesday night.

Local dentist Terry Cowgill will preside over the 59th annual fest in La Crosse with his ‘frau’ Shelly.

The Cowgills already have experienced Oktoberfest from the royal family point of view.

Their son, Jonah, was 10 years old when he was named the Special Fester in 2010.

For the last two years, Oktoberfest had the Festmaster’s ball a month before the actual festival, but that didn’t work out.

Now, the ball is held the evening before the opening of the fest, so the Festmaster and Frau will be the last members of the royal family to be announced.

Cowgill says he learned about the Festmaster honor back in April, on his wife’s birthday.